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step 1

1 - Open class details

Just before the class starts, you would open the class details that show the activity name, location and duration. If you had pre-booked clients, they would also be visible here. In the next step you are going to add the "drop-in" clients to the class.

step 2

2 - Pick clients to check in

Press the "Check in clients" button to start the check-in. Here you'd pick from a list of clients. A fast search that shows you results in realtime is available if you have many clients. The client list shows little icons indicating whether a client has an active package and whether it is up for renewal. You select the client. Next up is the package selection.

step 3

3 - Select package to use

A client has an active package or not. In the first case you would simply select the client's package so that the app can deduct/check it. In the second case, you'd sell them a package (see next step) or let them use somebody else's package. This is ideal for couples or families who share a package.

step 4

4 - Or sell a product on the spot

If you choose the "Sell package" option, then the next dialog would show the list of available products that you can sell. These products are defined in the settings. You would now select a suitable package and register the sale. If payment comes later, then you can tell the system so.

step 5

5 - Complete class

The check-in process is designed to be completed as fast as possible so you don't eat away time from the class itself. After check-in, you perform the class and the next time you look at the app's calendar, you would see that the class has turned gray, meaning that it was delivered and reconciled.

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