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step 1

The email preview

After pressing the *Book* button you will get to see an email preview of the email that the system wants to send out to the participants. All content is pre-filled based on what you have defined in the template and parameters are used to dynamically insert the activity, date/time, location and instructor. The email contains an .ics file that your clients can use to save it in their own personal calendar.

step 2

Email templates in Settings

In the app's settings you will find a number of email templates that you can customize to your needs. You can also choose not to use automated emails by simply switching them off.

step 3

Template editor

You can edit the template using a simple editor in the settings. Here you can insert parameters (the tags in orange preceded with #) and add your contact info and some friendly words for your clients. Out of the box you will get default templates in six different languages.

step 4

Working days

In the app's settings you can define which days and hours you and your team members are available. These settings are respected in the availability finder and the online availability calendar.

step 5

Blocking a full day

You can block availability for a full day by pressing the top of the day column in the calendar. You can do this for yourself but also for team members if you have set up the app for multi-instructor.

step 6

Calendar display settings

Specify behavior and visualization of the calendar in the app. The Granulurity determines when appointments can start; for example if you set it to 30 minutes, when you tap in the calendar, it will "snap" to the top of bottom of the hour. If you want full flexibility, you should set this to 5 minutes. The Density determines how many hours you will see in the week calendar at once. The higher you set this, the smaller the calendar cells will become. The switches at the bottom of the settings determine what information is shown in the calendar cell for an appointment. You can reorder them by dragging the handles.

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